Our Adult Martial Art Classes have 3 Main Components.


blockingFirst: Self-Defense

We teach traditional Japanese Ninjutsu and Jujutsu. The martial art of Ninjutsu is over 900 years old, and during that time it has been used by both men and women to escape danger and return home safely. It is one of the most effective, and until recently, one of the most secretive martial arts in the world!


 Second: Physical Fitnessadult-workout

In our class you will quickly see improvements in your strength and body tone, flexibility, coordination and stamina. These qualities will help you avoid illness as well as give you more energy in all aspects of your life.



Third: Internal Transformationconfidence

You will find that you have more self-control, self-confidence, and more willto achieve your goals as you move through life. What brings it altogether and makes it work is the attitude of the dojo (school) in which everyone encourages and helps one another to reach a higher level. This is a very consistent thought in traditional Japanese schools like ours, it is called the “Kohi” principle.

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5 Star REviews

martial art studio reviews

"LOVE this place, excellent instruction, fair prices and great people."
- Jen

"The absolute BEST dojo in Colorado for Ninjutsu and Jujutsu"
- Chris Cord

"If you're looking for real ninjutsu and jujutsu, then this is the place you need to be"
- JD Goodwin


“The absolute BEST dojo in Colorado for Ninjutsu and Jujutsu”

—Chris Cord

Fantastic martial arts are taught there. Not for everybody, if you can’t behave in kids class they won’t train you. Good for them having standards and sticking with them. Same thing in adult classes if you’re a thug or a jerk they ask you not to train, which is great for those of us that want to train with good fun people. Some people might think they are elitists, but since they are the best school that I have trained at they can afford to be. You can’t find a better school in my opinion.

—Jen Fairbanks

Both of our kids, a girl & boy, have been with Sensei Benson for nearly 10 years. They’ve moved from the kid’s classes to the adult classes and have enjoyed every minute. We “shopped around” at first, but no one came close to Sensei Benson’s approach and expectation for developing the “whole person.” “Kaizen” – or “continuous improvement” is more than a business name here. If you desire the self-discipline of body and mind that authentic martial arts is about, then you can learn it here. My kids developed excellent skills to the point that I worry much less about my daughter walking across her college campus. But my real thanks to Sensei is for their well-developed sense of constant awareness of their surroundings, personal confidence and the impact of their actions on those around them. I give Kaizen Martial Arts an A+++

—Wendy Adams

If you’re looking for real ninjutsu and jujutsu, then this is the place you need to be

—JD Goodwin

Best dojo ever…sometimes funny, always skilled instruction in a discipline that is still an art and hasn’t been watered down into a “sport”.

—Daniel Hocker

This Martial Arts Studio is the REAL deal! Forget Karate, Kung Fu or TaeKownDo, I’ll take a real Ninja master any day of the week. GREAT instruction, FAIR prices, FUN environment.

—Christopher Lee

A Message from Sensei Benson

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