Traditional Martial Arts.


What’s Your Reason?

Self defense, fitness, great people, personal development. There are a million reason to start and the benefits are definite and available to anyone. Our Dojo also is one of the few places in the world where you can learn the skills of Ninjutsu. These were the once secret skills of the Japanese Ninja. These skills include not only unarmed combat, but also stealth, weapons and escaping techniques. Classes are fun exciting and open to anyone with the desire to learn. Our class sizes are small and non-athletes are welcomed because our style is not competition based, size and fitness aren’t factors for beginners and progress is individually paced.

The Gym is Boring; Martial Arts Isn’t.

If you had the opportunity to design the perfect workout it would probably include a bunch of fun and interesting people for starters. The more the merrier right? Then you would plan fun, intense, workouts that would challenge both your mind and body at the same time. Every workout would absolutely enhance your flexibility, dexterity, and strength, while revealing valuable aspects about yourself. All the while, you’re learning how to protect yourself and those around you.

If that’s anywhere close to how you would design the perfect workout, then you have just described classes at Kaizen Martial Arts. Here, we teach traditional Ninjutsu and we invite you to join us. It’s easy. Simply contact us or set up a free class. Try it and decide for yourself. What could be simpler?

Welcome to Kaizen Martial Arts.


My name is Lyle Benson.
I am the Sensei here at Tenchi Jin Dojo.

My students receive instruction tailored to their personal needs and requirements in an atmosphere that supports them in their growth as a person and as a martial artist. We don’t believe in gimmick or fads, nor can we promise that traditional martial arts will be quick or easy. We do promise to do our best to make you a competent, confident and complete martial artist. Regardless of age or gender – you will find our approach to martial arts training to be a positive life-changing experience that can improve your physical and mental health while teaching you a skill set for life and to protect yourself.

Training in Ninjutsu Provides Great Opportunity.

Learn powerful martial arts for self-defense.

Become more physically fit.

Train yourself to have a more positive outlook.

Best of all you’ll be having a great time with people just like you.

Our Adult Program has 3 Main Components.




The Choice is Yours,
Choose Your Destiny!